Wack 100 Confirms His Artist 6ix9ine is Dropping Music Before 2022

6ix9ine New Music, Album 2021 Story Confirmed

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6ix9ine new music, album 2021 story confirmed, as Wack 100 confirms when his artist is gearing up to release his next major album. Except for ZAZA that released way back in February, Tekashi hasn’t released any music this year.

Along with minimal appearances on social media, the controversial rapper has generated interest on what he has to say if this next project is story driven. Over the summer, he helped DJ Akademiks launch his Off the Record podcast series, which featured three hours of back-and-forth with Wack 100 over his claim to the streets.

While Wack 100 has received backlash for the sit-down, he’s also working behind-the-scenes with 6ix9ine on the direction of his career. This week, he confirmed that 6ix9ine would be releasing music next month in November, as it’s being reported that his Dummy Boy II album is likely to be featured.

Take a look at the media below and let us know what you think.

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