Anderson .Paak Performs “Smile” & “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance” in the Live Lounge

You didn’t think “King James” was the only song Anderson .Paak performed when he was at BBC 1Xtra’s Live Lounge, right? No, sir. While in the U.K., Cheeky Andy took it back to his Oxnard and Malibu albums to perform two songs from there. Joined by The Free Nationals, the band rocked “Smile” and “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance” live and rocked it like we expect them to. They’re two tracks weren’t released as singles, so it’s good that he switched it up and performed other records from the projects we wouldn’t usually hear live.

With Ventura on the way, this is a great way to revisit both albums before it drops.

OS REWIND: Anderson .Paak – King James
OS REWIND: Anderson .Paak Performs “King James” in the Live Lounge

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