Birdman & Juvenile – Just Another Gangsta

Artist: Birdman & Juvenile
Song: “Just Another Gangsta”
Producer: N/A
Album: TBD
Director: David Rousseau

It was reported not too long ago that Juvenile and Birdman would be putting out a collaborative album on Cash Money Records like old times and it would dropping this year. As much as that’s good to hear, we didn’t know what to expect from the two in 2019 after almost 20 years since their rise to the top. “Just Another Gangsta” is what wave they’re on in 2019, and without missing a step, Juve is right in pocket with the flow. Maybe it’s the Bay Area production that has us nodding or the Too $hort sampling, but the CMB duo are rocking like old times.

In the clip for the record, they have shortys around around, they show off the luxury whips and lounge at the museum because they can. You know, typical rap shit.

Our ears are perked up to the upcoming album now. This shit is hard.

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