Cordell – Downtown

Artist: Cordell
Song: “Downtown”
Producer: ABO
Album: Seven7teen: A Love Story
Director: Kevin Onyeaka & Cordell Harris

We’ve showed Harrisburg native Cordell some love in the past through one of our “Weekend Playlist” posts, but that was many months ago. To give him a proper welcome to our viewers, he makes his OnSMASH debut today with the music video to his single, “Downtown.” No matter what city you’re from, there’s always a Downtown spot where you and your crew like to spend you’re weekend nights kicking it — and if you’re lucky, a spot to bag a shorty or two.

Being from Harrisburg, PA, that’s one of the main staples of the city, especially to those who enjoy the night life after a long week of working. In the music video for his single, Cordell’s smooth and laid back record plays as the soundtrack to his evening, while we get a taste of what the Downtown life of his hometown is all about. From cooling with the homies and getting prepared to the night’s festivities, to heading to his destination and enjoying the night with a few shorty’s catching his eye.

You gotta love that KP and Envyi “Swing My Way” sample on this too.

The single is taken from his newly released project, Seven7teen: A Love Story, which you can stream below.

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