Dr. Dre Looks Back at Classic ‘2001’ Album on 20th Anniversary

It’s crazy to think that Dr. Dre‘s classic 2001 album came out 20 years ago, but here we are celebrating the anniversary of the West Coast gem.

In an interview with Jimmy Iovine, Dre talked about and reminisced over the record and all of the work that went into making it. In what started as a concept, Dre revealed that he didn’t want to appear on the album to begin with, but it was The D.O.C. who convinced him to rap.

Then he went into talking about how Eminem was the missing piece of the album.

Apparently, “Forgot About Dre” was a reference for him and Snoop Dogg, but they liked the way it sounded so they kept it that way with Dre rapping the verses.

He also wanted “The Next Episode” to be the first single, but Iovine lobbied against it and said “Still D.R.E.” should be the first song out of the gate because he felt like they needed to come from a different angle to kick start the campaign.

The two also had some advice for artists now on the state of the game at the end.

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