If Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album Was Not a Double Disc

We’re sure everybody’s timeline is being filled up with Drake talk right now, with plenty of people talking about which song off Scorpion they like the best. They’re also trying to figure out the Kanye West subliminals, when he’s talking about Jorja Smith and Bella Hadid in lines and trying to determine if Side B is better than Side A.

After listening a few times, we had to cut the album down some and pick the best songs off the project. Most would probably agree the double disc effort is a bit long and they could do without some records.

We could have extended our version of Scorpion to 20 songs, but we kept it even shorter than that at 15 songs. Why? Because 15 sounds like a rounder number without cuting the whole project in half. There may have been ‘bigger’ songs that didn’t make the cut, but for now, this is what we’d choose the album to be if we had our pick. Yeah, we know it might be unpopular opinion because we aren’t drooling over the Michael Jackson feature. We also didn’t put the singles, “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What” on there, since everyone and their mother has heard them before. We did, however, factor in the Rap/R&B sides and kept that format in tact.

On first listen, the transition between Side A and Side B was a little staggered too, so we made sure it flowed better with the sequence into R&B Drizzy.

If you had 15 songs to pick out of the album, which would you choose?

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