Examining 6ix9ine’s Lawyer Snitching Statement in FEDS Plea Deal Offering

It’s Fucking Tr3yway. .

This week, 6ix9ine’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, shared some eye-raising information – regarding the incarcerated rapper’s current racketeering case. Mr. Lazzaro revealed that Tekashi had been offered a plea deal, directly from the federal government; regarding his involvement with his co-defendants.

Well, after taking time to look at their options, the two decided to take things to trial, which is set to begin September of 2019. Lance spoke about him saying, “Danny was never part of a conspiracy, plain and simple. Nor did he ever participate in any incidents that the government has alleged.”

He closed out saying 6ix9ine is also not interesting in cooperating with prosecutors, which means he would have to point fingers. Well, considering the FEDS had enough information to present to the government and get clearance for arrest a few weeks ago, they’re not in position to negotiate or decline anything – even if they wanted to. The Tr3yway case wasn’t built overnight, as the Brooklyn crew all knew they were going to get booked – with hopefully nobody actually being pinched.

Tekashi isn’t in position to make deals without his lawyer, because it would be him admitting guilt in the situation. That would be contradictory of what his lawyer is saying, since they’re claiming he’s innocent. With the FBI having a means of initial arrest and denying his bail (alleged flight risk etc.); they’re currently continuing to build on their case – before it goes to trial.

Considering 6ix9ine hasn’t been able to properly hold court in person with his co-defendants, the FEDS made sure to keep him separate from the rest of Tr3yway to think of a game plan. To combat that plan, they isolated him from Shotti and Mel, which wasn’t ever for his own security.

So, 6ix9ine doesn’t have the option to play ball with the FBI; because he hasn’t seen the entire case presented to his face, regardless what his lawyer says. The FEDS are rarely defeated and have had a 98 percent conviction success in their history of stings. Sadly, we’re expecting them to continue evidence plans in the coming months; which will have media footage, texting and wire taps.

Danny, when you’re readying this, tell that lawyer to shut the fuck up.

too much fucking talking lately. .

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