Future – FUTURE [Album Stream]


Artist: Future
Label: Epic Records
iTunes: http://iTun.es/future

Last year, Future swung for the fences, releasing EVOL, Purple Reign and Project E.T.. Even with three consecutive efforts generating much buzz for his brand, the Atlanta rapper closed out his 2016 campaign with the hit-single, Too Much Sauce.” While fans have kept his music in rotation, Mr. Hendrix announced on social media, just 48 hours ago, for fans to expect something new.

Well, he confirmed that a self-titled FUTURE LP would be arriving this weekend, as he shares the new 17-track effort. With no features and production handled by Metro Boomin, Southside, MP808, RaRa and more, take a listen to the full project below. That Thugga collaboration summer, though?

Message from Mr. Hendirx.

With all due respect, Im asking you to be loving, patient, and kind enough to understand my creativity is to heal wounds, not make new ones. However, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Especially when you have great intentions for every individual that has played a major role in your life experiences. Now bare with me through my trials and tribulations, my wrong’s and my rights. Find time to forgive me for any hurt or heartbreak I may have caused loving selfishly! I’m not perfect, no man walking this earth is. I’m at a place in life where I wanna make my weaknesses my strengths to become a better person than I was yesterday. – Future

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