J. Cole – ATM

Artist: J. Cole
Song: “ATM”
Producer: J. Cole
Album: KOD
Director: Scott Lazer, J. Cole

With the entire world currently listening to J. Cole‘s KOD album right now, he uses this time to grab everyone’s attention by sharing a video off the new project. In the visual, Cole turns into a parody character for rappers, as he sits in a room counting massive amounts of cash, then graduating to the padded room in a straight-jacket, except this room is padded with blue 100 dollar bills.

There is plenty of symbolysim throughout the video, from the kids in the clouds on a pill craft floating in the atmosphere, to Cole himself chasing the paper in that brand new “one hundred thousand million dollars” that cost an arm and a leg.

Plus he leaves you with a message at its conclusion: ‘Choose wisely.’

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