Jimmy Wopo – Elm Street 2

Artist: Jimmy Wopo
Song: “Elm Street 2”
Producer: Stevie B
Album: Jordan Kobe
Director: Catch Rec Media

One of Jimmy Wopo‘s most known songs to date is his breakout track “Elm Street.” The Pittsburgh rapper has released a number of standout songs since, but that one sits at the top of the list. Wopo is currently preparing the release of his forthcoming Jordan Kobe mixtape, which is due out later this month. And to build some anticipation for the effort, Jimmy Wopo is sharing a sequel to his most popular single with “Elm Street 2.”

The music video for the Stevie B produced record keeps up with the theme of its successor. It follows Wopo and his boys holding the officer from the previous video hostage and shows him no mercy. Wopo brings the same energy with the sequel and brings another street banger with the cut.

Look out for Jordan Kobe to drop April 24th.

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