Joe Budden Calls Out Troy Ave after ‘NuPac’ Diss Track

Earlier this week, Troy Ave released his controversial NuPac album, clearing up questions regarding former BSB associates. In the project, he touched on receiving support from Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment during his incarceration. After Ave revealed he wanted to link up with the Los Angeles label, it raised a few eye-brows around the world of music.

However, the most talked about track pertaining to Dope Boy Troy Vol 2, is his Press Spray track. Much like the PSA, he takes aim at a few foes – including having some words for Joe Budden, after receiving music criticism. After taking their misunderstood conflict from music to personal, Budden gave his take on the situation this morning during his weekly series, Everyday Struggle.

Take a look at Joe and DJ DJ Akademiks breakdown the TDE situation and more.

Disclaimer: Conversation starts at 5:00 and Budden responds at 12:00 minute mark.

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