Kamaiyah Shares Story About When Drake Visited Her, Upcoming Music

Kamaiyah is certainly on the come up and she’s enjoying all the fruits of her labor. She’s prepping a new album on Interscope Records and for this segment of Open Space, she talks about a whole array of topics. She speaks on the new generation and how they don’t want to put in the work, but want all the success and fame, and her favorite eras in Bay Area music. She says she is old enough to see a good portion of what’s been going on in Northern California, but there was one movement she didn’t fuck with because of the violence. Not to mention how she got on “Why You Always Hatin” after she didn’t like it to begin with.

She also spoke on the time she was playing Mario Kart in her unfurnished apartment and Drake pulled up at 3am to kick it with her. She stood up for him, saying he’s a very humble dude and people have a different view of him than what he really is.

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