Kanye West – TMZ Freestyle

Kanye West invited Harvey Levin of TMZ to his studio this week after the site posted an article with a source calling him “erratic.”

Harvey spent two hours with Kanye and some music executives planning the release of the five albums he’s working on. All project are set to have seven tracks entirely produced by Kanye, and will be available on all platforms. Yeezy played around 10 songs from him, Nas, Teyana, Kid Cudi and Pusha T, and even spit a freestyle to top it all off.

Hopped off the Amistad and made “I’m a God”
It’s always a lituation when I’m involved
It’s always a lituation when I’m involved
See I say what they say when the mic is off

Parents are the strippers
Strip kids of they confidence
Teach white dominance
Question your common sense
See I been washed in tradition that I’mma rinse

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