Kara Marni – All Night Pt. II

Truth be told, “All Night Pt. 1” is one of our favorite songs right now, but Kara Marni has flipped the script for part deux of the buzzing record. On “All Night Pt. II,” Kara slows things all the way down with some real R&B for the bedroom, keeping the same lyrics and changing the tempo. The single went from being a club slapper to a baby making tune that might get someone pregnant this weekend. We don’t even know what version sounds better, but considering we’ve played this one back to back a few times already, we’re going to give it to this one.

Let us know if you like Pt. 2 or Pt. 1 in the comments.

OS REWIND: Kara Marni – All Night, Pt .1 (feat. Champion) [Music Video]

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