Kevin Gates – What If

Artist: Kevin Gates
Song: “What If
Producer: Ben Billions & Infamous
Album: By Any Means 2
Director: Walu

It was recently revealed that Kevin Gates‘ next project would be titled By Any Means 2 — a sequel to his acclaimed 2014 mixtape. The project is being promoted through a number of singles including “No Love” and the recently debuted “Had To.” In addition to those records, “What If” is also one of the lead singles.

Directed by Walu, the music video takes us to the streets of Baton Rouge, LA present day and follows several storylines throughout. From the police brutally beating an African American male, to a single mother struggling to provide for her children who are stuck at home with nothing to eat or drink. In the end, there’s a positive outcome for each.

Kevin Gates’ By Any Means 2 is due out later this month on September 21st.

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