King Combs – Starboy (Remix)

Artist: King Combs
Song: “Starboy (Remix)”
Producer: Daft Punk, Cirkut, Doc McKinney & The Weeknd
Album: N/A
Director: Dirty Bird Films x K A I T O

King Combs‘s music career is just starting out and so far, he’s released some top quality tracks. Both original and most recently a remix of one of the hottest songs to release over the last year. That being The Weeknd‘s Billboard hit “Starboy.” Nearly a month after the song initially released, the son of Puff Daddy returns to accompany his remix with an official music video. It doesn’t quite match the cinematic visual that was The Weeknd’s clip, but King Combs does bring us a video that fits his remix well.

In the new video, Combs emerges from smoke while inside his Rolls Royce Wrath, surrounded by ladies who can’t keep their hands off of him. That doesn’t stop the future of Bad Boy from spitting his rhymes and showing that he’s capable of filling the massive shoes his pops once wore.

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