Lonzo Ball Disses Nas & Gives His Opinion of Real Hip-Hop Today

There was a day where Lonzo Ball said that 21 Savage‘s ISSA album was better than JAY-Z‘s 4:44. Older heads and ‘real hip-hop’ fans completely lost their shit. How could Zo speak such blasphemy about Hov and his lyrical gems? in what world is 21 better than Jigga? It’s safe to say he pissed people off that week with those statements. Oh, but they’re going to get even more angry now.

In this short clip from Ball in the Family‘s first episode, someone in the background said their goal this summer was to make Lonzo listen to ‘real hip hop,’ finally. He then proceeded to say they’re outdated, diss Nas and say no one listens to him anymore. Then made the outrageous claim that Future and Migos are actually ‘real hip-hop.’

The avalanche of hate is coming his way. Just pop the popcorn and watch it go down.

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