MadeinTYO – Skateboard P (feat. Big Sean)

Artist: MadeinTYO feat. Big Sean
Song: “Skateboard P”
Producer: K Swisha
Album: Thank You, Mr. Tokyo
Director: Adrian Martinez

MadeinTYO has had his fair share of hit songs that followed his breakout single “Uber Everywhere.” One song that has been on fire since it released is “Skateboard P” from his Thank You, Mr. Tokyo mixtape. Known for his love of Bape and connection with NIGO and Pharrell is Big Sean and he joined the rising rapper on the official remix of the track.

Today, TYO and Sean Don bring the K Swisha produced banger to life in the official music video. The Private Club rapper plays host to a party out in Hollywood Hills and of course it is turnt all the way up. From skateboarding, of course, to sitting on the hood of a DeLorean as he and Big Sean perform the track.

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