OS Best Projects of the Month (October)


The month of October kept up with the trend of good music that’s been dropping all year, and we seen a few high profile drops that all make the list. There are also few artists who decided to drop on the last day of September so they’re on here too. You’re going to notice Meek Mill and Jeezy who both just dropped great projects aren’t here, but they dropped their projects after the list was made so we’ll include them next month.

With all that being said, who had the best project of October? What did you continue to listen to weeks after it dropped?

We’ve been spinning DJ Mustard, Dave East and the rest that are on the list since they’ve dropped. Everything that’s on this list has heavy replay value, and that’s why we’re making sure you guys listen to them. So without further ado, check out our best projects of the month of October.

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