Watch Native Instruments’ Noah “40” Shebib’s Toronto Rising Documentary

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OVO 40 Toronto Rising documentary is a rare look at the man behind the Sound of OVO in this intimate look at the culture of his hometown.

Directed by Alim Sabir, Toronto Rising – 40’s Very Own was filmed in Noah’s hometown of Toronto and intimately details the beginnings of his long-standing career, including how he found his initial love for hip-hop, the integral role the Toronto rap scene has played in his journey, and the beginnings of his award-winning relationship with Drake including the construction of their record label OVO.

40 worked hand-in-hand with Sabir in hopes of inspiring the next generation of producers, providing a blueprint for how important it is to be involved in local music scenes and how he was able to accomplish so much behind the boards even at a time when he couldn’t afford high-end equipment.

Toronto Rising – 40’s Very Own is an intimate look into the life of Noah “40” Shebib from his own perspective, showing viewers the landmark places and hallmark collaborators that made him the super-producer he is today—from the iconic hip-hop, break-dancing, and graffiti hubs of his youth, to his Grandmother’s house where he built his first studio to the pristine State Of The Art (SOTA) studios he’s built for himself today.

Toronto Rising – 40’s Very Own also highlights 40’s ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis and how even in the face of adversity, he’s never lost his drive to create and how he hopes to serve as an inspiration for others facing severe challenges. In the words of Noah “40” Shebib:

“I’ve always considered myself a visitor in hip hop. When I was 21, I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I learned a lesson in the hospital, which was that as long as I had like one finger that still worked, no matter what the world took from me. I could play the keyboard and I could make music. All the things in my life just kind of pointed me in one direction. I’m here to play my part and to leave my impact.”

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