Ozuna – Coméntale (feat. Akon)

Artist: Ozuna feat. Akon
Song: “Comentale”
Producer: Toly Nativo, Hi Music Hi Flow, Gaby Music
Album: Aura

It’s a big day for a shorty in the video to “Comentale” and she’s having a change of thoughts. For Ozuna and Akon‘s new Aura collaboration, things head out to the Dominican Republic where the star woman is getting ready for her wedding day. Except, the night before, she was enjoying the company of Ozuna at an outside party, dancing the night away with him and some friends. As shots of her getting ready for the wedding appear, she also flashes back to the good times she had with Ozuna, until she has a decision to make: Go inside the chapel and jump the broom or leave with her new beau.

In the end, she can’t do it and disappoints her mom by going with the surprise driver.

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