Pusha T Shares His Reasoning on Why He Wasn’t on “Maybach Music VI”

Throughout the process of Rick RossPort Of Miami II release, the biggest talk surrounding it was the fact that Lil Wayne and Pusha T were going to be on “Maybach Music VI.” When the album was released, Push’s verse was not found on the track and fans kept wondering why.

Though Rozay got ahead of the controversy and spoke on what happened, we had to hear Pusha T’s side of things as well and Joe Budden got it.

In the latest Joe Budden Podcast episode, they called Push to ask him what was good and his response was straight and to the point. Apparently, Pyrex P claims that it’s a sport and rappers gotta do the best to rap when they’re on records. He was in the middle of his wife’s birthday party, so he couldn’t say too much.

“Listen man, that’s what we in there for man. We here to rap, bro. That’s what I’m here for. We all have to do what we do best. I have to do what I do best, the next guy has to do what he does best. Come on. There’s lanes for everybody.”

Watch the segment below and hopefully we hear more from Push about it.

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