Salma Slims – 100 Racks

Artist: Salma Slims
Song: “100 Racks”
Producer: J Reid & Kip
Album: Ghetto Girls Dream
Director: Kevin Clark

When you mention Privateclub Records, the first names that come to mind are MadeinTYO and 24hrs. In addition to them, Noah Woods, MyNamePhin, Jay Mac and the first lady Salma Slims are all building a buzz on their own. The latter is who we are talking about today. Slims has remained under the radar but like the rest of the PCR crew, she’s been killing it.

Taking it back to her 2016 EP, Ghetto Girls Dream, Salma Slims shares her new video for “100 Racks.” On his boss sh*t, she heads out to the desert with some of her girls and they post up next to an all white Jeep, counting up stacks of paper.

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