Star Shares Serious Advice to Youth after Joe Budden’s Controversial Firing of Rory & Mal

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Star talks Joe Budden firing Rory, Mal and advices youth with some serious information after Joe discusses private business for the public. Per usual, whenever the King of Media Star stops his show to give game, we shut up and listen. Today, probably the best advice for newcomers in the industry was given by Mr. Troi Torain on his episode earlier today.

On Joe Budden’s episode this morning, he mentioned the word, transparency, which Star felt has been the biggest hindrance on people chasing the bag. Although Buddens is a legend in the media world and hip-hop culture, Star broke down how transparency can kill you before you get your foot in the door.

Essentially, airing out private business with partners hurts future deals and companies being skeptical on wanting to work with you. Considering someone of Star’s stature has seen everything, moving in silence like he has in recent years, has led to him enjoying his life presently in the south.

Take a look at the episode below.

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