Suge Knight Finally Calls out Wack 100 & Makes Statements on J. Prince over Drake Situation

Suge Knight Disses Wack 100, J. Prince Prison Call

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Suge Knight disses Wack 100, J. Prince prison call, which open eyes to a serious situation going on in Los Angeles with the former friends. Earlier this week, Suge Knight was heard talking to JoJo Capone about readying multiple movies and TV series. 

While Suge is also appealing his release from prison, with the help of his family, and shocking tape has emerged.  Through Compton police officer Reggie Wright Jr., the new information has emerged with Suge making claims about Wack 100 not being from where he says he is from. 

However, before things ended in officer Wright Jr’s reveal, Suge made some comments about J. Prince over the Puff Daddy and Drake incident. 

Take a listen to the rare audio leak in full below.

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