Taxstone Explains Comments on Calling Tupac a “Rat” & Cam’ron Responds

Tax readdresses the Tupac comments

Last December, Taxstone made some controversial comments, when he explained on his podcast how Tupac publicly speaking on his Quad Studios shooting was essentially snitching. The Brooklyn personality gave his take on how the public ignored the history of the late rapper alleging who had something to do with his unfortunate situation through music and interviews.

Above, Tax readdresses his comments about linking street people and music entertainers, which he believes was indirectly providing evidence to the jakes in his case. We have stance or opinion on anything because we see these people in person, but let us know in the comments what you think of the late great Makaveli and Tax’s take on the moment in rap music.

Tax Explains Why He Believes Tupac is a Snitch

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