EXCLUSIVE: The DMX vs. 2pac & Biggie 1996 Issues Explained

Real Right 🔴 Ruff Ryders

I waited until the Ruff Ryders released photos of themselves with 2pac in Los Angles, when Suge Knight flew them out during late 1995.

At the time, DMX was still an unsigned rookie agent, looking to get his story out to the streets. Coincidentally, 2pac was doing this same thing X envisioned, in a sense of starring in films and being a public influencer for the betterment of people.

However, at the time, Pac came out of prison and wasn’t dissing the east coast until four months before he passed. He knew that he needed album sales for All Eyez on Me in early 1996, where a large portion would come from New York and Florida.

After enjoying that success, he was able to verbally open up on issues he had with Frank White and essentially everyone in mainstream NY not named Wu-Tang. DMX took offense to those actions, as he felt the two were on good terms, after just seeing him a few months prior.

This led to X recording several tracks, including the original version of “Get at Me Dog,” which was an entire 2pac diss. It was later changed to take aim at K-Solo, and the rest was history. During that time, at the peak of the East Coast and West Coast drama, X was in the process of almost joining Bad Boy Records.

With his Yonkers affiliates The Lox there, as well as his good friend Ma$e in the building, it was obvious for him to join Bad Boy. X and Biggie’s first encounter was really awkward, and happened at a club. DMX walks in and sees Biggie laughing with friends and immediately puts on a serious face when he sees X.

Minutes later, DMX is heard by many saying “This the nigga ya’ll calling the King of NY? This can’t be the King of New York. He in here laughing and smiling all goofy.” We’re assuming that both X and BIG would’ve never been able to co-exist on the same label.

This was the same sentiments with Ma$e and Biggie, who allegedly didn’t like each other at Bad Boy either. Surprisingly, X wasn’t impressed by those peers, when they were both living. After they passed, DMX showed both the upmost respect in their contributions to the game and opening the door for him to have a career beyond the streets.

Just at the time, X felt he was the best rapper in the world, which was showcased after the unfortunate deaths of both icons.

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