EXCLUSIVE: The Real 6ix9ine vs. Former Bodyguards Situation with Federal Government

Redface. . .

For whatever reason, workers at TMZ has been covering 6ix9ine in a negative light any chance they get (no judgement). So much, that last weekend, it was reported that multiple former bodyguards of Tekashi said they would never work for him, because it’s too dangerous.

From talking to his direct management and people at his label over the last few weeks, they are saying a complete opposite story. Whether anybody in his former security team, secretly provided by Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, wanted to work for 6ix9ine or not; they wouldn’t be allowed to.

6ix9ine’s major label and the federal government already have a $1 million a year budget set up for security at his house and whenever he leaves his home. Essentially, Tekashi will be monitored and protected by armed agents, similar to the secret service. He’s not going to get killed by anybody, because you won’t be able to get near him ever (it’ll be a suicide mission).

Look for Tekashi to also address this situation in the coming months or weeks when he’s released.

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You think my security hates me?

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