EXCLUSIVE: The Reason 50 Cent is Blaming Jay-Z for Kanye West’s Public Breakdown

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All of this is allegedly. Over the weekend, 50 Cent joked that Jay-Z was the blame, for Kanye West’s public meltdown – while promoting his upcoming DONDA album. However, most don’t know, is that Fifty was being very serious; like many behind-the-scenes that know the real story (it’ll be more hilarious when Kanye reveals it).

The general public thinks their fallout has to due with the Taylor Swift or TIDAL situation. However, this beef dates all the way back to 2009. The two were promoting their respective 808s & Heartbreak and The Blueprint 3 albums. When Kanye’s Fame Kills Tour with Lady Gaga was cancelled, he still continued performing at smaller venues.

While crafting almost the entire theme for Blueprint 3, Jay wanted to close out one of the dates, with a performance of his “Death of Autotune” song. This led to a major blowout backstage between the two, as Kanye publicly yelled at Jay over the situation; telling him that he wasn’t the man anymore in music.

Although Kanye may have been right, this never sat well with Jay; who, in our opinion, immediately began to distance himself from Ye. Two years later, the two were making Watch the Throne, as well as solo albums. During those studio sessions, Kanye wanted to legit fight Jay-Z for the title track, “Holy Grail.”

Jay planned to use the track for his Magna Carta Holy Grail album two years later. Yeezy felt that Jigga deliberately went behind his back to sneak a track for his own album. With Justin Timberlake adding vocals, Kanye felt that would be the lead-single and theme for the entire album.

Beforehand, WTT was suppose to be a collaborative project with Kanye and Drake – before Jay stepped in. However, those two will never work again together, due to career-threatening lines crossed in 2018 (see: Pusha T, Kid Cudi, OVO 40).

So, while Kanye will always thank Jay for giving him a chance at Roc-a-Fella with Biggs and Dame Dash – he’s really more important to the career of Jay since the Blueprint 1. It really benefited Jay more having Kanye (than vice versa) around as the creative director and un-credited executive producer on almost every album since 2001.

The reason 50 Cent blamed Jay-Z for this situation with Kanye, is because Fifty would never allow an artist to have that much freedom, in that short span of a time.

When we say freedom, it’s in a sense of him being allowed to think he’s on the same level as the boss, or bigger. Fifty wanted every artist on G-Unit to become bigger or an equal level as Kanye, the same way Jay-Z fell back with the launch of Roc Nation and allowed Rihanna, Ne-Yo and the rest to work.

So, while Kanye may be right in some instances, Jay-Z never kept him in check; which is what we’ve been seeing over the last few years with his public outburst.

Sadly, Kanye still believes him and Jay are friends; but, that stops with Mrs. Carter. The student can never become the master.

I’m the new mothafucka now!

remember this?

only time he was in the right. . .

big brother. . .

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