Tr3yway Shotti Charged with Multiple Felonies after Manhattan Shooting, Full Incident Explained

It’s Fuckin’ 🤬!

A few weeks ago, 6ix9ine was granted additional probation time, to avoid serving three-years in prison for a violation. Moments following the big victory in court, Tr3yway made their way to mid-town to celebrate. However, controversy followed the Brooklyn camp, where a shooting incident happened. It ending with a bodyguard from their camp getting hit up.

While the NYPD didn’t make any arrest, they did an investigation of the late October night and issued warrants to Shotti and two other accomplices. Shotti was charged with gang assault (the first of three felonies) and weapon possession for allegedly hitting a guy in the head with a chair.

Later in his court hearing, a grand jury also indicted him on 2 additional felonies for an attempt to commit the crime of assault in the first degree, and assault in the second degree.

The story was also given more light, as 6ix9ine’s Tr3yway camp was denied access to a Manhattan restaurant; where they were scheduled to meet executive, Elliot Grainge. Two of Mr. Grainge’s bodyguards turned away the entire Tr3yway, which unfortunately led to things going left.

Some of the members stuck, as the NYPD revealed it was Shotti that got violet with one of the bodyguards – striking him with a chair. Soon after, eyewitness on hand told cops that he said, “I’m going to violate you both with gunshots.” After seeing one of the members in 6ix9ine’s crew reach for something, Elliot’s bodyguard fired first, hitting a bodyguard in Tr3yway.

Allegedly, Shotti fled the scene, with two other guys who were the ones arrested Wednesday morning. The attorney for Tr3yway believes the charges will be dropped, and cited that his client was not involved with this crime. Let us know in the comments what you think.


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