EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Why 6ix9ine is Trying to Leave Prison Early & It’s Not Tr3yway Bloods

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EXPOSED: The Reason 6ix9ine Wasn’t Released after Our Worldwide Story, Calling Out More Snitches & Names in Media.

A few days ago, reports surfaced that 6ix9ine was allegedly in fear of his life, from fellow inmates at a witness cooperating prison. Prior to not being released last December, 6ix9ine was already staying in a private halfway house, but was banned from making any interactions with the public.

We even saw him go live for a drop on the gram with an up-and-coming IG comedian, who went viral, but only a handful of people saw him. While members of the Nine-Tr3yway Bloods have distanced themselves from their former friend, we’re hearing an entirely different story.

Like we stated in the past, his major label had initial plans him returning home last holiday; with an immediate album in the works and summer tour. If you remember, he also signed a rumored $10 million dollar deal, to put out two albums last fall. However, that has been been on halt, until Judge Engelmayer makes a decision in the coming weeks.

The real story, is that 6ix9ine and his label want to make their money immediately, even if they have to record new content from the comfort of a private home monitored with security 24/7. It’s to the point where he’s not concerned about anybody from that specific NYC bloods faction and that he’ll be protected by the federal government.

He’s not inside fearful for his life either, and the government will not allow him to get killed. It would look extremely bad on their part for future high-profile people feeling safe working with them. So, if anybody tries to assassinate him in public, it’ll basically be a suicide mission.

While we’re hearing Tekashi has a major rollout in the works to explain his side of the story for agreeing to cooperate, look for this story to generation more traction before spring break.

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