Young Lito – First Day Out Freestyle (Troy Ave Diss)

Troy Ave has been in the headlines and has been active, talking about the situation at Irving Plaza, being shot at, his bodyguard dying and fighting the case. For his NuPac album, he dissed Taxstone, Hovain and Casanova and explained his side of the story in the aftermath. Young Lito, formerly of his BSB crew, is now telling his side on “First Day Out Freestyle.” Not only does he rap for the first two minutes, but he gets a lot out for the remaining five.

Not only does he say Ave took an L, has a koala face and calls him a buster, but he claims that he referred to Banga as a holster around them and then turned around and called him his best friend in the public. He also says he’s doing everything for attention and gossip, plus he’s the type of guy who won’t even buy his crew a slice of pizza.

“I done got jumped for that nigga, someone loss they life for that nigga, dudes went to jail 4 him n He never cared. No checc ups, no headstone, no calls. DON’T LET YOUR LOYALTY BECOME SLAVERY.”

We’ll see how Troy reacts in the coming days.

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