The 2016-2017 All-NBA First, Second and Third Team Players

As the NBA season is drawing closer to an end, the regular season awards are going to start to trickle out. The big awards will be unveiled after the NBA Finals with Drake hosting, but for now, the league has released their infamous All-NBA first, second and third teams.

This list is specifically interesting for two players: Paul George and Gordon Hayward.

The fact that they didn’t make it is going to cost them where it hurts the most, their pockets. Since neither of them made any of the teams, that means they will not qualify for the Super Max deals their teams can offer with a 5-year extension. Basically, George just lost about $75 million dollars, with the Indiana Pacers scrambling to see what they can do to keep him in town.

Without the Super Max option, the organization can only offer him about $2.5 million dollars more than anyone else, which means they have hardly any advantage in signing him for the long term.

Same goes for Hayward.

Whether they decide to trade him or either of them choose to leave town, will be an interesting plot line to keep an eye out this offseason, with all eyes on George and Los Angeles.

All-NBA First-Team

01. James Harden
02. Russell Westbrook
03. Kawhi Leonard
04. LeBron James
05. Anthony Davis

All-NBA Second Team

01. Giannis Antetokounmpo
02. Rudy Gobert
03. Isaiah Thomas
04. Steph Curry
05. Kevin Durant

All NBA-Third Team

01. Jimmy Butler
02. Draymond Green
03. John Wall
04. DeMar DeRozan
05. DeAndre Jordan

Some more facts about this year’s lists: Houston Rockets guard James Harden was voted unanimously and LeBron James has matched an NBA record with his 11th first team selection.

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