Charles Barkley Tries to Clown Draymond Green, Kevin Durant Shuts Him Down

It was a complete blowout for the Golden State Warriors last night against the Houston Rockets. After that Steph Curry third quarter where he went bezerk, it was time to turn it off. Dub Nation won the game by 40 points, for Christ’s sake.

After the game, Kevin Durant visited the Inside the NBA squad to talk about what the Warriors did well in the game, how they took control during Game 3 at Oracle Arena and why the series isn’t done as of yet.

During the middle of their conversation, Charles Barkley asked KD if Draymond Green was as annoying in person as he is on television and Durant’s reaction was classic.

Not only did he tell him to go ask him personally downstairs, but the way Chuck backpedaled from that answer was comedic. So was Kevin’s face after Barkley asked him that question. It almost seemed like he would get the two-piece from the former MVP of the league.

After those “punch in the face” comments Barkley had a while back, we all know that he is scared Draymond at this point and is trolling for reaction.

You can watch the entire interview above or skip to 2:38 to see their exchange.

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