Chris Paul & Daryl Morey Refute Reports About Turmoil with the Rockets

All the reports so far this week have been about the turmoil inside the Houston Rockets organization and why Chris Paul and James Harden have been at odds with one another.

All indications point towards CP3 and The Beard not being on speaking terms, the fact that Paul does not agree with the coaching philosophy and there was a big blow up in the locker in the final game of the season.

To the point that Daryl Morey was making every player on the roster available for trades.

In clear damage control of the reports, CP3 and GM Morey have refuted the reports according to Instagram saying the news that is surfacing is “news to them.”

Of course they would.

It would be such a bad look for the Rockets for Morey to admit that there is dysfunction within the organization, especially after what the Los Angeles Lakers went through in the media recently with Magic Johnson, etc.

According to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports, the relationship between Harden and Paul is “unsalvageable” and CP3 has demanded a trade from the Rockets. To the point that Harden told the franchise it’s “him or me” after the season. The two certainly don’t respect each other and didn’t speak to each other (for two months) during the season, based on Goodwill’s sources.

At this point, Morey is stuck with the two because who will trade for an aging point guard owed $40 million a year for the next four years?

Grab your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen. The NBA offseason has begun and it is very interesting, to say the least. The story lines and drama never stop.

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