Dak Prescott Talks Relationship With Tony Romo, Upcoming Season with Cowboys

How things change after one year, right? At this time last year, Dak Prescott was barely touching down in Dallas as a rookie, getting acquainted with the Cowboys organization and his new role as a professional football player after being drafted in the fourth round.

Fast forward to today, the boy is the crowned Offensive Rookie of the Year, the face of the franchise as a starting quarterback and the leader of the locker room.

Two of those titles belonged to Tony Romo last year, but that man is no longer with the Cowboys and has retired all the way to the CBS booth after suffering yet another injury in the preseason. He spent much of last season watching his job vanish into smithereens thanks to Dak.

But how does Prescott feel about the OG?

Apparently, when the news broke that he was leaving the Cowboys, Dak texted Tony and congratulated him for the new position and two went back and forth for a bit. He was genuinely happy for him and the only thing he could think of is him being in a good space in his career.

And about next season?

“Continue to do what got me here, don’t change a thing now. I got here by hard work, trusting in others and being selfless, and I just got to continue to do that no matter what the circumstances are — [Romo] in the NFL; him not in the NFL; this is my team or not. Just continue to do what I’ve done.”

You can watch the full interview on ESPN this Sunday, when the all-new E:60 premieres at 9am EST.

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