Damian Lillard Pays Homage to Brookfield Village in ESPN Cover Story

Much talk surrounding Damian Lillard lately has surrounded his rap beef with SHAQ or how bad the Portland Trail Blazers are doing this season. But they’re turning things around now that they have Carmelo Anthony on the squad.

ESPN sat down with Dame D.O.L.L.A. in his neighborhood of Brookfield Village in East Oakland to get to know why his roots have made him the man he is now.

In talking to his mother and family, it turns out a yearly park gathering made a big impact on his life from a young age and he’s making sure he gives back to the community by doing it every year. When he first got into the league, he always said if he went to the NBA, he would resurrect the event. And he did.

Dame also talks about why his rap persona is different than him as a basketball player and his every day personality and why they can both coexist.

Lil Wayne also makes a cameo in the story, saying how much he admires him as an artist and why he’s one of the best athletes to grace the microphone.

OS REWIND: Damian Lillard Talks Rap Beef with SHAQ, Upcoming Season, New Experience

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