DeMarcus Cousins Opens Up About Warriors Signing, Backlash & Goals for Next Year

It’s been a wild offseason for DeMarcus Cousins. After he said that nobody was looking to sign him this summer because of questions surrounding his Achilles injury, he ultimately inked a contract with the Golden State Warriors for the veterans minimum.

The NBA and all of its fans went absolutely bonkers when the news broke.

Boogie sat down with ESPN’s Chris Haynes to talk about this and more live from Coach Steve Kerr’s office and the main theme of their conversation was “I don’t care.” Cousins doesn’t care about what people have to say about him, about what they think in terms of the Warriors being too deadly with All-Stars, what fans or media critics have to say about his past or the NBA ruined or any outside chatter. His main concern is getting back on the court and win games with his team.

While his attitude was ‘fuck it,’ he does sound hungry to get back on the court and suit up to play with some of his friends on the team. He’s not concerned with how many touches he gets, only with helping his team play at the highest level and getting back into dominating the league.

He did share briefly why the past two years of his life have been tough, but revealed he’s numb from the backlash, criticism and what people think of him.

Watch the 14-minute interview above.

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