Draymond Green Talks About Trash Talking, Celebrating NBA Championships

If you’re wondering how Draymond Green has spent the majority of his time after the Golden State Warriors championship, there’s only one word: partying.

He took the time out from his binge to visit Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talk about the team and what’s been really good this week. Apparently, he had so much fun partying on Monday that he somehow ended up on Klay Thompson‘s couch and even Steph Curry and coach Steve Kerr were out celebrating the night of. Too $hort was the musical entertainment and as Kevin Durant tells it, Draymond was the drunkest out of everyone.

He also spoke on recruiting KD to the team and how much fun championship parades are.

Drunk Draymond after the NBA Finals

How Kevin Durant was recruited to Golden State

Draymond Talks Parades

If you missed his appearance on the show to talk to Jimmy Kimmel last night, you can catch and watch a few clips up top. The Warriors parade is today in Oakland.

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