Draymond Green Says Warriors Can Beat ’80s Lakers, 96 Bulls

We all know Draymond Green is liable to say some outlandish shit that catches headlines and most of the time, he isn’t necessarily wrong. The statement he said in an ESPN interview about the Golden State Warriors beating the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers team or the 1996 Chicago Bulls team might rub some people the wrong way, though.

Before you get agitated at his comments, just know that he said Dub Nation would beat those legendary teams IF they played today’s game.

That means if they were hand-checking and playing physical like before, the Warriors wouldn’t stand a chance. At least in theory, which is probably true. Then again, Green saying this to begin with is pretty confident of him.

Throughout the rest of his Hangtime interview in China, Draymond also spoke on being open to more opportunities, being a rebel against Steve Kerr on the court sometimes, how good Golden State can be with DeMarcus Cousins, how he’s perceived to the public and more.

Watch the full interview

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