Steph Curry & DeMarcus Cousins Speak on Raptors Fans Cheering Kevin Durant’s Injury

That Kevin Durant injury in last night’s NBA Finals was really a gut check to the Golden State Warriors mentally. The emotions that ran through the team in Game 5 at that point and afterwards was very draining.

Even through all that, the Warriors found themselves crawling back in the fourth quarter and ultimately won the game thanks to Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

For those watching, when KD went down, Toronto fans were heard cheering for his exit as Raptors players told them to quiet down. Shortly after it was reported that fans gave him a standing ovation and yelled “KD!” as he exited to the locker room in pain. It was an interesting moment.

After the game, Curry and DeMarcus Cousins spoke on the incident, saying it was “disgusting” and also the “ugliness” of that instance.

Curry and Draymond Green also talked about the resilience of the team to come back from a fourth quarter deficit and how the KD injury deflated them. The emotions were still there after the game, especially during Steph’s interview and both said they fought hard to stay alive.

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