Draymond Green Trolls Lebron James with Arthur Meme Shirt

Earlier this season, LeBron James posted the Arthur “mood” meme and people at the time tried to decipher who he was directing it at. Some said Kyrie Irving after a monster game. Others had other theories. During the same period, Draymond Green posted something on social media that people felt was a response at LBJ, though he denied it.

Today at the Golden State Warriors parade, Draymond took a shot at LeBron with his shirt, rocking a “mood” shirt with three rings on the hand.

Will the King respond on Instagram today or this week? As you may remember, two years ago, James wore that “Ultimate Warrior” shirt to troll the Warriors after he brought the first championship title to Cleveland in 52 years by beating that infamous 73-9 team.

Aside from this, Nick Young made quite the entrance, rocking no shirt like JR Smith when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship. It’s safe to say he’s probably drunk by now.

The Warriors also took time to talk about this season, with Steph Curry mentioning why this championship feels different than others, Klay Thompson speaking on what he’ll remember the most from this year and Kevin Durant on winning back-to-back years and how special it’s been to get to know his teammates better.

Watch the clips below.

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