Golden State Warriors Reportedly Planning Major Trade

Semi-exclusive. . .

As you all know, the Golden State Warriors fucking suck right now, due to Captain Steph Curry resting at home for injuries. Klay Thompson is getting exposed and Kevin Durant still doesn’t know how to properly lead a team. They’ve even lost their last four games in a row, which many are citing Draymond Green as the problem for the team’s recent collapse (it’s really LeBron’s fault).

We’ll we’ve been tipped that the team is currently looking to make a major trade involving Draymond Green first, and then Kevin Durant before February’s trade deadline. The team believes DeMarcus Cousins will be back to superstar form, as they plan to keep him, Steph and Klay as their new big three. Surprisingly, the they’ve been reluctant on giving Draymond a max-deal he’s been campaigning for, as they believe the rift with KD cannot be fixed.

During the locker-room incident, Green pushed Coach Steve Kerr and told Kevin Durant that he was never a real Warrior. So, all but confirmed, Draymond Green is out; but we’ve also been told that Durant is likely to be moved too. We’re not sure what they could get in return for both KD and Draymond, as Golden State has already been making phone calls to check the market each player.

With Durant not likely to re-sign with the team, which the New York Knicks have been the front-runners; he also wants to move on from playing with Steph Curry. While ESPN and FS1 hasn’t reported this, per usual, look for details to emerge in the coming weeks or days if the Warriors are actually serious about building around their new big-three of Steph, Klay and Boogie.

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