LeBron James is the Real Blame for the Internal Warriors’ Beef

And it’s working. .

As most know, Kevin Durant’s pending free agency for summer 2019 is one of the biggest stories in the sports world this decade. The Golden State Warriors publicly joked about Durant leaving them in June during their championship parade, which has carried into the 2019 season.

With Steph Curry, currently out due to a serious injury, the entire team blew up on Monday night. Draymond Green and Durant got into an altercation, regarding the final play of regulation; where the greatest offensive player this century didn’t get the final shot.

Things continued on into the locker-room, where the two had to be separated. Beforehand, Draymond pushed coach Steven Kerr, knocking him to the ground and made a direct threat to Durant. That was the real reason he was suspended, due to the locker incident that hasn’t been reported by ESPN or FS1. Well, with the team in turmoil, Durant is planning to take his talents to the big apple next summer and pair up with Portzingod. We believe this is exactly what LeBron James had planned, to break up the Dub Nation Dynasty.

From becoming business partners and friends with Draymond over the last two years, the most unselfish player in the league has been out of his element this season.

The King is in his ear during the off-season, telling him to get a super-max deal and publicly saying Green has been the most difficult task for him in the finals.

Surprisingly, we have to commend LeBron for infiltrating his biggest threat at more rings, making Draymond believe he should be taking the final shot over the three best shooters in the league.

From spending time together on HBO’s The Shop series and drinking wine all in the video dancing; this bizarre friendship with LeBron wouldn’t surprise us if it continued to court in 2020 for free agency. The situation between Durant and Draymond seems non-repairable for the time being, but we still expect the two to become brother’s again way down the line.

As we anticipate the imminent mid-season trade of Brandon Ingram and others for Anthony Davis; this could be the defining moment we look back at when LA unfortunately upsets Golden State in Adam Silver’s plan the NBA is WWE and it’s not really the best team who wins.

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“That’s why I’m out nigga” – Durant

Durant speaking on the situation

all in the video dancing. .

Fake Love. .

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