Isaiah Thomas Trolls Cavs with Sweep Comment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Just when you thought there might not be any bad blood lingering from that Cleveland Cavaliers trade, Isaiah Thomas throws a shot at his former team on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In a game of “Generation Gap” with the OG Isiah Thomas, IT4 was getting destroyed with every question. He didn’t know what the ‘Twist’ was, any names from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, any members of the Beverly Hillbillies or Marvin the Martian. Young Isaiah didn’t even know that Donald Glover sang “This Is America.”

Once he knew he was about to get shut out, is when he trolled The Land by saying, “I’m like the Cavs, I’m gonna get swept.”

We’ll see how LeBron James and company respond (on the court) tonight.

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