Joel Embiid & Doc Rivers Throw Ben Simmons Under the Bus after 76ers Suspension

Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers Talk Ben Simmons 76ers Suspension

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Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers talk Ben Simmons 76ers suspension after the head coach and team felt he was being detrimental to the franchise. Except for the Kyrie Irving saga, this Philadelphia 76ers internal turmoil has been one of the crazier situations in the NBA.

This week, Ben Simmons formally returned to the 76ers, after it was revealed he wouldn’t see income for sitting out games. Philadelphia had been under the impression that Simmons would return to the franchise that drafted him at no. 1 a few years ago and put everything behind them.

However, his team at the LeBron James-affiliated Klutch Sports has been adamant on him finding a new home away from Philly. The Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves have been linked to Simmons over the summer, as neither team has been willing to give up multiple first round picks for him.

Earlier today, Simmons was sent home when he refused to join a defensive drill that coach Doc Rivers asked. This led to the team finally speaking out on Ben for the first time publicly after having an early exit from the playoffs last summer.

Take a look at the media below.

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