Joel Embiid Turns Down Rihanna Now That He’s an NBA All-Star

This Joel Embiid and Rihanna thing is hilarious. For years, he’s been thirsting for RiRi, sending tweets her way while he was recovering from injury during his first years in the NBA. He got denied. Reports actually said that she told him she would give him a chance when he became an All-Star in the league.

Guess what? The day has finally come. But Embiid is taking a different approach now.

In a post-interview after beating the Boston Celtics, Joel was asked about his chance with Rihanna now that he’s finally a solidified star in the league and he really went on to say he would move “on to the next one” since she curved him before. Hilariously, the only words he had to say to her were “Trust the process.”

Give this man his own TV show.

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