Kendrick Perkins Reveals Russell Westbrook is No Longer Talking to Him after ESPN Comments

Kendrick Perkins Talks Russell Westbrook Beef

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Kendrick Perkins talks Russell Westbrook beef, as the two are no longer speaking to each other after some controversial comments made on TV.

With Kendrick Perkins becoming a major voice on ESPN TV for his amazing basketball intelligence, the former NBA player revealed some interesting information to the public. Due to harsh criticism and unwarranted comments on ESPN throughout the entire year, Big Perk revealed Russell Westbrook is no longer speaking to him.

In a recent conversation, Kendrick Perkins said, “I’m working on getting my relationship back with one of my brothers who was very, very upset, Russell Westbrook. I defended Russell Westbrook for years, and this year he struggled and it was a topic that came up on First Take and they asked out of the big three with the Lakers, which one would you trade… for me, it was Russell Westbrook.”

Take a look at the clip below.

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