Klay Thompson Addresses Upcoming Free Agency

Klay believes he’s not going anywhere

Following Steph Curry getting a super-max deal a few months ago and Kevin Durant taking a pay cut this season, rumblings have already started regarding Klay Thompson’s super max-deal.

Some executives and general managers believe that Klay will eventually join the Los Angeles Lakers and follow his father’s footsteps. After next season, both Klay and Kevin Durant will be looking to get major deals and we’re expecting Mr. Thompson to possibly depart.

With Curry and Durant each turning 30 this year, both superstars have past injuries and mileage on the court, as Klay’s career will likely eclipse both his teammates in another situation. In an interview with Bay Area News Group, Klay went to say, “I’ve always said that.

Playing for one team your whole career is definitely special. Only so many guys have done it in professional sports, so it’ll be a goal of mine. Hopefully it all works out.” While this doesn’t confirm or deny his future in Dub Nation; the team already has the highest payroll in the NBA at $137.6 million and could see an insane luxury tax bill if they decide to max-out Klay and Durant next summer.

Like we’ve said previously, Durant has found a comfort level in Golden State with not having to be the star. Along with having a vocal floor leader on the court whose primary focus is defense, we can’t see Kevin retiring anywhere else. Let us know in the comments if you expect Klay to stay or leave.


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