EXCLUSIVE: Kyrie Irving is Playing the 2022 NBA Season in Brooklyn without Required Vaccination

Kyrie Irving Playing Brooklyn 2022 NBA Season

This shit still rigged though for lebron. . . .

Kyrie Irving playing Brooklyn 2022 NBA season after every one in sports media not named Jalen Rose has been making ridiculous claims. Except for Jalen and Jacoby, as well as Skip and Shannon, we find everything being discussed about basketball on TV, very ridiculous.

Why in the hell would the Brooklyn Nets ever trade Kyrie Irving? You’re never going to get equal value for him, and the NBA isn’t going to allow one of their most popular players (who doesn’t get in trouble off the court), to miss anytime on the court.

Kevin Durant and James Harden fully support Kyrie Irving’s stance, as well as the entire organization of Brooklyn. There’s a lot of other players afraid to speak, who were also questioning the NBA’s decision to mandate things.

Former Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin revealed last week that COVID-19 ended his season and maybe career, after agreeing to terms of the new rules. So, with Kyrie Irving, he’s set to be cleared for full contact in Los Angeles and New York City, due to the NBA’s religious exemption rule.

This is the same rule that Andrew Wiggins lobbied for, but was unsuccessful in getting his wishes. There, he agreed to terms with the NBA on their new rules and wasn’t happy about it at all. Currently, there’s a big push back from the player’s union and the higher ups in the league, regarding the mandate.

While we don’t expect a lockout to happen, due to the pandemic and people needing money; this situation could get nastier. So, yeah, the Nets aren’t trading Kyrie Irving, ever. Although we do believe he’ll get randomly suspended during the season like they did Kevin Durant last February for violating the health and safety protocols.

KD passed multiple tests for the obvious; but the league still wanted to show their authority by having him miss almost a week of action during a stretch of key games last season. Look for the Kyrie Irving clearance announcement to happen soon, as the season gears up for its October 18th start next week.

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